CNS3500 is an automatic washing system which supplies an optimum performance on
washing of midi-buses. Being a high-tech product, CNS3500 is also suitable for washing
different kinds of vehicles like mini-buses, vans, automobiles, and the other vehicles, heights
of which are up to 3,500 millimetres. The colours of the brushes and the plastic parts of the
system are preferable.


Washing Height 3.500 mm
Washing Width3.750 mm
Washing Speed 13 vehicle/hour
Maschine Height 4.000 mm
Maschine Width 4.000 mm
Maschine Length 13.000 mm
Water Requirement 4 bar / 1" pipe
Electricity Requirement380 V / 50-60 Hz / 6 kW
Water Consumption200 lt/vehicle
Shampoo Consumption20 ml/vehicle