CNS45000 is an automatic washing system which supplies an optimum performance on
washing of tractor-trailers and TIRs. Being a high-tech product, CNS4500 is also suitable for
washing different kinds of vehicles, heights of which are up to 4,500 millimetres. If
required, a drying unit may be added to CNS4500 for drying the washed vehicles in a very
short time (CNS4500WD). The colours of the brushes and the plastic parts of the system are


Washing Height4.500 mm
Washing Width3.000 mm
Washing Speed10 vehicles/hour
Washing Speed (WD)10 vehicles/hour
Maschine Height5.000 mm
Maschine Width4.500 mm
Maschine Length24.000 mm
Water Requirement4 Bar / 1" pipe
Electricity Requirement380 V / 50-60 Hz / 14 kW
Electricity Requirement (WD) 380 V / 50-60 Hz / 40 kW
Water Consumption450 lt/vehicle
Shampoo Consumption30 ml/vehicle
Wax Consumption (WD) 30 ml/vehicle